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Epay.Info Scam

Published on 2017-06-01

Hi All,

We deposited 150$ into Epay.Info But its not reflecting there.
We tried to contact them by mail but got no reply from them, Don't worry about your BTC, We are arranging from other source and again we need to migrate to other payment methods.
Which one is better? faucethub or Xapo?
Thanks For Understanding the situation,

Faucet Planet Team

Withdrawals will be to your Epay.Info

Published on 2017-05-19

Hi guys,

We are trying to avoid the btc fees and unconfirmed transactions, So we are building epay.info payment systems in our website.

Please be patient until we finalize , and send out an email regarding this.


Withdrawal limit decreased and will be paid once per day !!

Published on 2017-03-08

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Payments :

For each payment,i.e 75k satoshi, we are paying 60k satoshi fees, So from now payments will be daily basis.


Withdrawal limit is 75,000 satoshis now !
In Snake game for each dot, you will earn 2 satoshi [Daily limit in Snake game is 1000 satoshi].
In Faucet 200satoshi every 30 minutes.
Coin flipper has 110% of return earnings.
Referral % will be 20%.
Withdrawals are manual for next few days.


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